Thanksgiving for the Homeless (Denver event)

RGL will be bringing love to the streets the weekend before Thanksgiving. We will be roasting fresh turkeys and making 300 of our famous Turkey Burritos. Also, we will be providing much needed supplies for the homeless like hygiene products, clothing, canned food, winter gloves and beanies etc. The basics to survive during this difficult time of year for the homeless community. After they’ve eaten, we do a free raffle and hand out hundreds of dollars of gift cards to local restaurants and grocery stores. A special treat to give them a much needed pick-me-up. This is a great opportunity to bond and connect with the individuals suffering from homelessness. If we all just give a little bit of love, we can do so much, for so many people.

When: Sunday, November 22nd 9:30am

Where: Parking lot of St. Francis Homeless Shelter. 2323 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80205 (RGL has no affiliation with St. Francis Center)

What can you do: Most importantly pray for the event. We also need supplies, coats, and your time. 

Contact us on Facebook if you’d like to Volunteer or find out what supplies are still in need.