Mission Statement

Recycle God's Love is founded on the belief that God loved us by sending his son Jesus Christ to die for the sins of all mankind. We take that enormous amount of love and recycle it onto others in His name. 

No two snowflakes are exactly alike. That's also true about the homeless. They each have a different and unique story.

Unfortunately, the homeless community is often looked down upon in our society, and more people should try to understand that not every homeless person is on the street because they decided to be there. We all have our faults and hang ups, but for these individuals, it panned out differently.

Some of these men and women do not have a single family member to give them a hand up when they fell down. Some got laid off, while others have PTSD from the military. Some have been divorced by someone they deeply loved and some have a health issue that didn't allow them to work. Some became homeless because of drugs or alcohol, while others became victim to drugs or alcohol or both after becoming homeless to ease their pain. Homeless men and women end up being outcasts from society and treated almost like animals (Most pets are treated better).

They are given scraps of food, leftovers, tattered used clothing, and whatever we have an excess of. While it is good that we recycle these items so even the least of these can have something instead of nothing, it leaves them feeling like animals rather than humans. The homeless are humans too and they deserve to feel as such. This is why we hold our events throughout the year. We want to give these men and women a day to feel human again and possibly give them the hope and strength to try again.