Project Revive




There are individuals who want to get out of the chains of homelessness, but no one is willing to give them a hand up, which leaves them stuck and hopeless. Project Revive is that hand. It is a complete restart on life for those who want to take a serious commitment to getting off the streets, for good!

Did you know that 75% of homeless individuals have their ID’s either stolen or lost?

And how can you apply for a job without an ID? This is one of the many chains restricting homeless individuals, that Project Revive breaks.

Once an individual is interviewed and selected

we will provide housing, employment opportunities, spiritual guidance, educational opportunities, money management skills, and much, much more. The sponsor residents are required to hold a job, stay sober, save portions of their paychecks, and show progression. When sponsors finish the program they will have a seamless transition back into society with the skills, abilities, and habits formed to prevent them from relapsing back into homelessness. All in the name of Jesus.



Maybe you skip one dinner at a restaurant, or use some of that spending money. However you find the heart to donate, these individuals sure will be thankful!

 Check out some of their real life stories